We have installed a new kitchen at Boddington Retreat

A while ago we decided it was time to install a new kitchen at Boddington Retreat. My partner owns a Splashback company in Perth so we decided to do it ourselves. See here. That will always test your relationship. So my mother and I decided to plan the kitchen at Ikea on Saturday afternoon that was mistake number two. Eventually, having ordered the complete kitchen, we then placed all the boxes into a van and drove to Boddington with two friends who helped unpack the boxes.

Within one weekend we put most of the kitchen together, but unfortunately, we were missing about five glass doors and I had to order tiles. So over the next three weekends, my partner and I went to Boddington and installed the dishwasher, glass doors, and the hand-made Spanish tiles. We hope you enjoy the new kitchen as it was very much a labor of love!!